The use of a GPS is compulsory at the Roof of Africa.

We recommend that you use one of the following Garmin GPS’s – Etrex 10, Etrex 20, Etrex 30, Etrex 22x, Etrex 32x, Etrex 35, Etrex 25, Foretrex 401 and Foretex 601.

If the Garmin GPS you wish to use is not on the list please email us at to ensure the GPS will be accepted.

A good GPS mount is essential – please ensure you get this before the event and test with it beforehand to ensure everything is in good working condition.

Ensure that you bring additional and sufficient batteries for the duration of the event – these will not be supplied.

Stay tuned for our special how-to-video coming soon.

  • GPS routes will be available for download at Documentation.
  • GPS routes will also be made available for download on our website the week of the event.
  • The GPS routes will be in a GPX format and you will need a suitable program to download the route onto the GPS, we would recommend Mapsource or Basecamp. If you are not familiar with these, ask a friend or have your GPS loaded at Documentation.

If you are unsure if you GPS battery will last the entire day, then bring spare batteries. Also test the type of batteries used for longevity.

  • First, don’t panic! Look at your GPS and establish how far off the route you are by zooming out on the device.
  • Look for the safest way to return to the track.

Being comfortable in using your GPS is essential, we suggest testing rigorously before the event to ensure you understand your device.

  • Run 2 x GPS’s, in case one fails or breaks.
  • Use Lithium Ion batteries, they are slightly more expensive, but last longer.
  • Use a single layer of duct tape over the batteries to ensure a tighter fit between the rear casing of the GPS and the batteries, this helps avoid the GPS to turn off due to vibrations from the bike.
  • If a steel bracket is used for the GPS mount, use a small piece of rubber or insulation tape before mounting bracket to the bars to reduce vibration of the bracket from the bike,

**Note that additionally all routes will be thoroughly marked using a neon pink, biodegradable spray paint, the GPS is used as a safety and confirmation tool.