Volume 4 of 2021

Each rider and crew member wishing to enter the start / finish venue will need to provide proof of COVID-19 vaccination.If getting the Phizer vaccination, only one dose will be enough proof of being vaccinated – to get a second shot before the Roof of Africa won’t be possible and as such both a card or certificate will grant you entry.The Johnson&Johnson vaccination requires only one shot and that in itself will also then be acceptable for entry into the start / finish venue.Persons under the age of 18 will not have to get vaccinated.One should have the vaccination card or certificate on hand whenever prompted.Screening of the vaccination cards and certificates will be done during Documentation on the 24th of November 2021 and at the entrance of Thaba Bosiu on all of the racing days. Each competitor and their crew of five (5) will receive a wristband to be worn the entire weekend to show their vaccination status.You do not need the vaccination proof to cross the border or access accommodation.A negative COVID-19 test is still necessary to cross the border into Lesotho. A PCR test has to be done within 72 hours of one’s planned entry and then this result will be valid for two weeks – therefore, no additional COVID-test will be required before leaving. If doing a Rapid Covid Test, it has to be done the day of entry and then when leaving again as well – we recommend getting the PCR test for peace of mind.
 ENTRIES ARE NOW CLOSEDEntries to the 2021 Motul Roof of Africa are now closed. Race numbers will be allocated throughout the day and will be published on the website by 20:00, 10 November 2021.DETAILED PROGRAMME OF EVENTSDocumentation and ScrutineeringDocumentation and Scrutineering are to be held on 24 November 2021 from 10:00 – 20:00.
At the AVANI Lesotho Hotel and Casino each competitor will have to cooperate to be screened. This will include the showing of the COVID-19 vaccination card / certificate and temperature taking. Each competitor will also have to submit a digital COVID-19 screening questionnaire the Tuesday before Documentation and Scrutineering. Mask-wearing is compulsory and sanitizer stations will be presented on the premises, together with COVID-19 protocol signage.
Competitors need to have:the Motul Roof of Africa competition numbers and sponsor decals on their motorcycleball ended clutch and brake leverskill switchspokeswheel bearings, tyres and rimssecure silencer / exhaustelectric or kick startoperating brakes for the front and rear wheelsself-closing throttleadequate and secure mudguardsfolding foot pegsa secure fuel tank without leaks. 
Riders are also to bring their motocross full face helmet. The Race Control timing chip will be stuck in one’s helmet.
A Rider Briefing Video will become available closer to the event.
 Race Day 1:
Round the HousesRound the Houses was supposed to be held on the 25th of November 2021 and has unfortunately been cancelled due to the new COVID-19 regulations by the Lesotho Government.Race Day 1:
Time Trial
The Gold, Silver, Bronze and Iron competitors will gather at Thaba Bosiu Cultural Village to commence with their respective time trials any time between 8:00 and 15:00. Each class will have a time slot in which they will have to leave. These times will be communicated to everyone before the race. 
 Race Day 2Racing Section 2 will be staged on the 26th of November 2021, at Thaba Bosiu. Staggered starting times will be put into place to ensure physical distancing. Gold riders will start at 06:00, Silver will start at 07:00, Bronze at 08:00 and Iron riders at 09:00. Individual riders will start within their classes based on their finish times of their time trial loop.Race Day 3
Race Day 3 will be staged on the 27th of November 2021, at Thaba Bosiu. Staggered starting times will be put into place to ensure physical distancing. Competitors will start this section based on their combined overall times from the first two racing sections. The first 30min after the leader departs will be on actual time, thereafter competitors will be set off on corrected time at intervals determined by the COC.Prizegiving
Prizegiving will be held on the 27th of November 2021 at 20:00, at Thaba Bosiu. Only those receiving prizes will be invited to attend the Prizegiving.ROUTE DISTANCES AND FUEL CAN REQUIREMENTSRoute Distances

Iron Class

Thursday Time Trial – 35km
Friday – 108km
     Start to Refuel 1 (DSP) – 53km
     Refuel 1 to Finish – 55km
Saturday – 56km
     Start to Finish – 56km
Bronze Class
Thursday Time Trial – 56km
 Friday – 142km
     Start to Refuel 1 (Unassisted) – 54km
     Refuel 1 to Refuel DSP – 31km
     Refuel DSP to Finish – 57km
Saturday – 125km
     Start to Refuel 1 (Unassisted) – 21km
     Refuel 1 to Refuel DSP – 48km
     Refuel DSP to Finish – 56km
Silver Class
Thursday Time Trial – 56km
Friday – 180km
     Start to Refuel 1 (Unassisted) – 54km
     Refuel 1 to Refuel 2 (Unassisted) – 34km
     Refuel 2 to Refuel 3 (DSP) – 35km
     Refuel 3 to Finish – 57km
Saturday – 138km
     Start to Refuel 1 (Unassisted) – 18km
     Refuel 1 to Refuel 2(DSP) – 44km
     Refuel 2 to Refuel 3 (Unassisted) – 36km
     Refuel 3 to Finish – 40km
Gold Class
Thursday Time Trial – 56km
Friday – 200km
     Start to Refuel 1 (Unassisted) – 54km
     Refuel 1 to Refuel 2 (Unassisted) – 38km
     Refuel 2 to Refuel 3 (DSP) – 51km
     Refuel 3 to Finish – 58km
Saturday – 146km
     Start to Refuel 1 (Unassisted) – 18km
     Refuel 1 to Refuel 2(DSP) – 48km
     Refuel 2 to Refuel 3 (Unassisted) – 40km
     Refuel 3 to Finish – 40km

Fuel can requirements

These fuel cans have to be dropped at AVANI on November 24 from between 10;00 and 20;00.

Riders do not have to send separate fuel cans for the two racing days. Fuel cans will be taken from Friday’s refuel to Saturday’s refuel. Just ensure that the fuel cans have enough fuel for the two days. Mark the fuel cans clearly using your race number.
Iron Class
Friday 1 x Fuel can
Saturday NO fuel cans required
Bronze Class
Friday 1 x Fuel can @ Unassisted refuel 1
Saturday 1 x Fuel can @ Unassisted refuel 1
Silver Class
Friday 2 x Fuel can @ Unassisted refuel 1 & 2
Saturday 2 x Fuel can @ Unassisted refuel 1 & 3
Gold Class
Friday 2 x Fuel can @ Unassisted refuel 1 & 2
Saturday 2 x Fuel can @ Unassisted refuel 1 & 3
 LAST CALL FOR PRE-ORDERING OF MERCHANDISEMotul Roof of Africa Merchandise can still be pre-ordered until 12 November 2021. 

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The Roof is not just a race – it’s a lifestyle!LICENSESAll riders that have entered the Motul Roof of Africa for 2021 have to email a copy of their valid MSA / FIM license to info@roofofafrica.co.lsNO licenses will be checked at Documentation.One Event Club / Regional / National Licenses or Club / Regional / National Licenses are available (South Africans only).International competitors (Non-RSA Residents) need to hold a FIM license valid for the event, as well as a starting permission from their home National Motorsport Federation (FMN).  A copy of the competitor’s passport is also required to be forwarded. This letter, passport and FIM License copy must be sent to the organizers and MSA (Carmen Hill – carmen@motorsport.co.za).
The last two years have brought with it unprecedented challenges. Challenges we never thought we’d have to face.
Yesterday we had to deliver the news that nobody wanted – we fought tooth and nail to avoid it. Our hearts were heavy.

But today, we want to thank all of you for your responses, for your kind words of support, big shoulders and unbelievable understanding! You are the reason we do this.

The Roof of Africa is the mountains.

It’s the sky.

It’s – the people!

It’s the Mother of Hard Enduro.