Volume 3 of 2021

Firstly, we apologise for the late notice, but we have to inform you that the Lesotho Government has implemented important changes to the regulations concerning COVID-19 vaccination requirements around sports events in the country.
We have been engaged in vigorous negotiations to obtain a dispensation for this year’s Motul Roof of Africa event as it is not a stadium-based event. However, we have now received confirmation that the following rules will apply:Proof of COVID-19 vaccination will be required to enter the Motul Roof of Africa Race Village at Thaba Bosiu.This will include competitors in all classes, and all support team members.People under 18 are exempt from this requirement.Race organisers will be responsible for checking vaccination certificates at all entry points to Thaba Bosiu throughout the event.These restrictions were gazetted at the end of October and have now come into effect. This brings the situation in Lesotho in line with international standard protocols.

In light of the various rumours circulating on social media, we wanted to set the record straight. Border controls have not changed; this new vaccination certificate requirement applies only to the Race Village and not to hotels and other tourism facilities within Lesotho.

As before, only one negative PCR test is required for entry into Lesotho, and this must be within 72 hours of crossing the border. This negative result is then valid for 14 days, meaning that no second test is required within Lesotho. Rapid tests are available at the border, but this needs to be repeated on exit.

Once again, we’d like to apologise for not being able to let you know about this sooner. If this new regulation in any way affects your ability or intention to take part in this year’s Motul Roof of Africa, please contact us as soon as possible. This will help us to plan for any change in numbers for the event.

If you are a South African resident and have already been vaccinated, you can download a digital certificate here: https://www.gov.za/covid-19/vaccine/certificate . If you wish to get vaccinated in order to comply with this Lesotho Government regulation, single-dose vaccination options are available.

For more information or to confirm your attendance at the 2021 Motul Roof of Africa, please contact us on info@roofofafrica.co.ls or 065 542 4033.