Volume 1 of 2021

Volume 1 of 2021
The 2021 Motul Roof of Africa will be staged from the 24th to the 27th of November.
The Lesotho borders are open! Anyone can crossover by having the following on your person when arriving at the borders:A maskValid passportNegative COVID-19 results. This COVID-19 test has to be taken within 72 hours before one’s planned entry into Lesotho. This test will then be valid for two weeks after the first entry.In addition to this:
Make sure to check the times at which the ports of entry are open – not all of them are accessible 24 hours a day.
 Also, pay special attention to what the refund policy is when booking accommodation – not all establishments have the same refund policies.THE RACING GODS MADE US ALL OUT OF IRONWe are very excited to share that the Motul Roof of Africa will now also have an Iron Class.
Iron is the new entry level class to the Motul Roof of Africa and the idea behind it is to offer a wider range of motorbike enthusiasts an opportunity to experience the wonders of Lesotho and be a part of the Mother of Hard Enduro. Not everyone has the skills (yet) or experience (yet) to compete at a hard enduro event, but they might be interested in it and have an urge to try it. The Iron Class will offer them a taste of what hard enduro is all about.This class will still be a challenge and will comprise of a lot of incredible low-land single track sections with a few shorter and less technical extreme sections to bring up the heart rate.You do not need to be on a training program. We do however recommend that you do try and ride maybe once or twice a week and are able to keep the wheels turning for a good 3 to 5 hours on the bike daily.You should be able to ride at a comfortable pace through flowing enduro sections and when the terrain gets tough and extreme you should still be able to make it through the sections – it will still be hard work and you will probably need a bit of rest time after.2 – 5 passes a day.The racing gods made us all out of iron. Then they turn up the heat to forge some of us into bronze, silver or gold. Entries for the 2021 Motul Roof of Africa will open at 12:00 on the 25th of June. That means there is only two days to go!
 For an entry to be valid, prospective competitors have to complete an electronic entry form which can be accessed at www.roofofafrica.co.ls The closing date of all entries will be on 10 November 2021 at 20:00.All entries have to be done online and will be of immediate effect. Competitors can buy their way into the Motul Roof of Africa by using any entry fee option. Competitors will only be eligible for the discounted prices if they pay and forward proof of payment to info@roofofafrica.co.ls during the valid month(s). If the payment, or the proof thereof, is not received within the month of entry, the payment will be adjusted according to the month in which is paid.Holeshot Entries from 25 June to 9 July 2021 @R5500.00Idler Entries from 10 July to 31 October 2021 @R6000.00Zero-hour Entries from 1 November to 10 November 2021 @R7000.00International competitors are welcome to pay cash in their local currency at documentation. Due to this condition, international competitors will have a fixed rate based on their currency:       Pound Sterling @£350Euro @€400

Dollar @$500

The Motul Roof of Africa is affiliated with MSA and as such no other licenses will be accepted during the entry process.Competitors, residing in South Africa or Lesotho, need to hold a valid MSA Cross Country Motorcycle or Enduro license. This license has to be a club / regional / national or one-event license.International Class competitors (Non-RSA Residents) need to hold a FIM license valid for the event, as well as a starting permission from their home National Motorsport Federation (FMN).  A copy of the competitor’s passport is also required to be forwarded. This letter, passport and FIM License copy must be sent to the organisers and MSA (Carmen Hill – carmen@motorsport.co.za).International Class Competitors (RSA Residents) will need to hold a MSA National Cross Country Motorcycle or Enduro license, and then upgrade same to a FIM International license. MSA will subsidize half the cost of the FIM license fee per rider.FIM licenses can be obtained from Carmen Hill carmen@motorsport.co.zaMSA licenses can be obtained online from https://msaonline.co.za.GOODBYE TO THE BRONZE QUALIFIERThere are no longer any qualifying criteria to be fulfilled in order to become a participant in the Roof of Africa; however, the event organisers reserve the right to determine which class a competitor is eligible for and they are allowed to adjust accordingly.In this regard, the event organisers reserve the right to request that suitable evidence be provided to be able to satisfy themselves that a rider possesses the necessary experience/skill for the class selected.We are extremely excited to announce that our brand-new Roof of Africa website is live! 


It is loaded with essential information that you will need to enter and participate and also lists, to just mention a few, what each rider can expect to get when they enter the 2021 Motul Roof of Africa:An adventure of a lifetime in the Kingdom in the SkyA street race like no otherA Motul Roof of Africa rider T-shirt (not for sale to non-riders)Specialized Tracking Solutions including dedicated tracking screen at race headquartersSuperior medical services covering the air and the groundDedicated medical helicopter on standby at the race venueAccurate and lightning fast release of resultsClean ablution points at the pits and outside refuelProfessional GPS servicesOver 400km of marked routesOfficial Motul Roof of Africa MagazineHigh quality trophies and finishers medalsLesotho simcard and airtimeRider goodie bagChance to win your share of R 150 000 prize moneyFree WiFi at the racing village / pitsRecharge Your Battery water and snack points at the unassisted refuelsThe Mountains are calling – and as always, we accept this call to action with an eternal flame that burns deep within.