Roof Of Africa

4th/7th December 2019


The event will be known as the 2019 Roof of Africa, and will be run in the Kingdom of Lesotho with it’s headquarters in the capital city of Maseru. The event will start on the 4th December, running to the 7th December 2019.

There will be three Classes (Gold, Silver & Bronze). Competitors will be scored according to the Class in which they enter. Once entered, the competitor may not change class. Should a competitor enter both Gold and Silver Classes, he will be deemed to have entered Silver Class only.

Anywhere a vehicle can go in Lesotho is deemed to be a public road. Competitors are urged to consider that they are on such public roads and to exercise every possible caution whilst traversing them. Whilst the organizers have taken every reasonable precaution to ensure the closure of these roads, to advise local population of the event and to mark and marshal such roads, the absence of traffic, carts, animals and pedestrians etc. on these roads cannot be guaranteed.

Competitors must at all times be vigilant with regard to racing through villages and on public roads. Competitors must keep to the left on all road sections. Competitors must consider all roads to be open to traffic & pedestrians for the duration of the event.

Likewise, competitors are reminded of their responsibility for the behavior of their service crews and must ensure that they obey all the Rules of the Road in Lesotho, particularly with regard to speeding. The speed limit is 50 km/h in rural areas and 80km/h on National roads.